Wafer Aligner

Manual flat aligner for wafer sizes 100mm or 150mm

Universell manual flat aligner for wafer sizes 2”, 3”, 100mm and 150mm


Manual Notch Aligner

Manual notch aligner for wafer size 150mm or 200mm

Automatic flat aligner

Automatic flat aligner for wafer size 100mm or 150mm

Automatic notch aligner

Automatic notch aligner for wafer size 200mm or 150mm

Wafer Transfer K-Push

Horizontal wafer slide transfer systems provide quick and safe transfer of wafer – from cassette to cassette.

• SEMI approved

• Wafer sizes from 100mm to 200mm

• Manual or automatic

• Cassettes with high profile and low profile

• With safety lock. Platform will not move without receiving cassettes

• Small footprint

• ESD models available

• Further transfer possibility: flip option; split option

Manual Wafer Stair Step Lift

Pusher with stair-steps profile lift wafer to read wafer ID for example.

Cassade Wafer Presenter

• Automatically aligns and lifts the wafer for easy view of wafer ID

• For wafer sizes 150mm or 200mm

• Wafers are lifted gently in a stair-step array

Wafer Counter

• Counts and map wafer in the cassette

• Identifies empty slots

• For wafer sizes 150mm or 200mm

• Can be designed for other wafer sizes

• RS 232 serial communication port option